The Japanese language is one of the languages which is spoken by most of the people around the globe. It is the 2nd most popular language among the people. Learning this language will help you to sustain in Japanese speaking countries. Japanese classes in Chennai will train you as a professional Japanese speaker.

Understand the language

If you are trying to learn a language you have to understand the basic things in it, such as vocabulary and words. Some language will prepare you with the language elements within the time period. But you should not expect fluency in the Japanese language at the beginning itself. But you have to know some basic things in the language to survive.

Language levels

Level A1 – Try to understand and use familiar expressions every day. Interact in a simple way and talk slowly and clearly.

Level A2 – Understand the sentence and communicate in a simple routine way and try to have a direct exchange of communication.

Level B1 – Understand the main point of communication and make a connection to the topic with personal interest.

Level B2 – Interact with the degree of fluency and try to have a better conversation with others.

Level C1 – Express your ideas fluently and without any searching for someone to help.

Level C2 – Understand easily about everything in Japanese and express yourself spontaneously even in some complex situations.

Certification in Japanese

To know more about the language and also want to get your fluency in it to learn Japanese course in a reputed institute. FITA is one of the best and leading training institutes in the city. Trainers are professional and would help the students to become professional Japanese language speakers. Students are provided with Japanese certification once they complete the course. Join FITA and be confident to speak in Japanese.

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