International English language testing system has become one of the important tests which have been taken by most of the students for their future career in abroad. To get a good score in the exam the importance of grammar in the IELTS exam is more important. IELTS coaching in Chennai will help you to score good marks in the examination.

Why grammar is important?

Grammar part plays an important role in all the four modules of IELTS

Writing module – Make sure that your content part is good in grammar. You should generate meaningful sentences and interesting content with your grammar.

Speaking part – You have to use different grammar structures to express your ideas. You must be fluent in speaking with good pronunciation and also with proper grammar.

Listening and reading part – There is no much need for grammar in reading and writing but still there is a need for choosing the correct answer. Choosing an answer depends upon grammar.

Follow grammar rule

  1.   Verb tense – Use simple present tense for permanent aspects.
  • Use simple past tense to describe and an event that occurred in the past.
  • Present perfect tense to describe the past event but still have a connection with the present.
  1.   Modal verbs – Use modal verbs to express uncertain actions of the future, a general possible statement about the present, something that is true or correct.
  2.   Definite article – It is used to describe the cardinal numbers, describing something in a specific area and use this before nouns and abstract nouns.
  3.   Adjectives – Proper use of adjectives would normally say the range of speaking and writing modules which is used to describe the places, things, and people.
  4. Preposition – Using prepositions is to avoid confusion regarding the usage of different prepositions in a sentence.

Certification in IELTS course

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