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What Are The Standard Libraries In Robot Frameworks?

Robot Framework is a popular open-source automation framework for acceptance testing, acceptance test-driven development, and robotic process automation (RPA). It employs a keyword-driven testing technology method, and testing libraries that can be developed in Python or Java can expand its capabilities. In this blog we have discussed about the standard libraries in robot frameworks to learn  more join Robot Framework Test Automation Training In Chennai offered by FITA Academy.

The robot framework includes many standard libraries. Let’s talk about each one separately.

1)Builtin– A set of frequently used keywords are automatically imported into the Builtin standard library of the Robot Framework, making them always accessible.

2)Collection– The standard library collection provides a set of keywords to manage Python lists and dictionaries. The library provides keywords that can alter lists and dictionaries and generate values from them.

3)Datetime– An automated framework called DateTime allows for the production and modification of date and time information.

4)Dialogs– Robot Framework standard library Dialogues offers a way to halt operation and take user input. Depending on whether the tests are running or not, the dialogues can be a little uneven.

5)Operatingsystem-When the robot framework is running, OperatingSystem permits numerous operating system-related actions that will take place in the system. It can execute instructions, among other things, and immediately add and remove files.

6)Process– This library runs processes using Python submodules and its open class. The library’s primary function is to wait for an active process in the system before compiling code with the run process keyword. With waiting for the process, we can start, stop, or terminate all processes after utilising the start process to start a background process.

7)Screenshot– On the computer where the tests are being run, a test library called Screenshot allows users to take screenshots.

8)String– There is a library called String for string manipulation and verification.

9)Telnet– Communication is possible through a telnet connection thanks to telnet. Connecting to a telnet server and running commands over an open connection are both made feasible by the telnet library.

10)XML– XML is also a text library for robot frameworks that may be used to validate and edit XML documents.

 Thus robot frameworks include many standard libraries some of them are Builtin, Collection, Datetime, Dialogs, Operatingsystem, Process, Screenshot, String, Telnet and XML. To know more join Robot Framework Online Training to learn at your own pace. Enrolling in the Best Training Institute In Chennai can give you the skills and knowledge to excel in this technology.


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