In today’s world, many people have been facing depression at least once in their lifetime. Depression can be caused by various medical conditions like medications, health problems, delivery, mood disorders, etc. Depression might make people feel hopeless and sad and in severe cases it provokes suicidal thoughts. If you have been diagnosed with depression, you should stay alert to changes in your life in every situation. Read this article to know which depression symptoms should not be ignored. If you find any of them, immediately call a professional like a psychiatrist in Chennai. The doctors here have been in this field for decades and definitely help you in serving you better.

Suicidal Thoughts About Something That Hurt You: 

Depression signs can vary from mild boredom to dark sentiments, including suicidal thoughts. And sometimes, individuals with severe depression think about harming other peoples too. Many people, especially teenagers, feel that their family would be better without them, or sometimes, due to college issues, studies etc., they feel terrible and try to attempt suicide. But please seek immediate attention from any of your closest friends. This overthinking leads to severe depression which needs medical support. So this is one of the most critical cases you should never ignore. Visiting a psychiatrist will bring you out of the illusion as soon as possible.

Feeling Hopeless: 

When depression gets you your life cannot be improved at anytime. Fortunately, these feelings of hopelessness can be treated. And it would help if you treated them because unremitting desperation can lead to suicidal thoughts. If you have been analysed with sadness and feel desperate about your destiny, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your psychiatrist nearby. There are plenty of psychiatrists providing online counselling for depression. By taking this treatment, you will improve and lead a better quality of life.

Self-medication With Drugs Or Alcohol: 

People with depression are addicted to drugs and alcohol to forget their tensions. But this can lead to many health problems slowly. Some people consider taking antidepressants to come out from depression but taking it with other drugs or alcohol can cause potential risks.


Depression often disturbs the person’s sleeping patterns. People with depression may not sleep for longer periods. If you begin to experience difficulty in sleeping, then it’s highly recommended you consult a psychiatrist. Sleeping less can make a person’s depression worse than before and even lets them harm themselves. For this case, mostly insomnia treatment would be better. If you have sleep problems then it is advisable to take treatment to make you feel better and come out from all the issues you are facing.

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