Script writing is necessary to the cinematic field and courses help prepare future scriptwriters. The film industry is expanding quickly and is not restrained by geographic location, culture, or language. Script writing courses vary in their duration of courses, and certification. They provide part-time courses.

There are few rules to write a movie script:

You should,

  • Outline your story.
  • Begin with a basic flow of your narrative
  • Write your story in three acts
  • Add sequences
  • Start writing scenes
  • Begin writing dialogue
  • Cut away the dead weight
  • Watching a variety of movies
  •  Listen some script notes or else
  •  Show your finished work to a few friends
  •  Revise your work as many times as necessary

Becoming a big shot, Bollywood screenwriter is a dream for many people. Becoming a successful screenwriter is easy with the guidance of film school.

Some of the  key elements to write a script

  •  Action.
  •  Character Name.
  •  Parenthetical.
  •  Dialogue.
  •  Scene Heading
  •  Extensions.
  •  Transition.
  • Shot.

The first four items are included in a spec script, a script seeking to be sold for production, while all six are present in a shooting script. With the help of the professional writer, you can able to create a screenplay.

 Responsibilities of scriptwriters:

The script writers are responsible for describing the stories in detail including the physical environment and the moods of the characters. Script Writer writes the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters.

  • Script writers are the main in the film making
  •  Script writer writes the performance
  •  They cut a long story into short
  • They know the story in everything
  • They write the story in visual
  • Script writer write strategically

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