Node JS is an open-source built on JavaScript engine. All the JavaScript programs can be written on the Node JS platform and can be run in that. Node JS technology and its benefits will help you know more about app creation. Node JS can run many applications like command-line application, web application, REST API server, etc.

Advantages of Node JS

  1. Node JS framework has a license from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
  2. It uses only JavaScript to build its entire architecture on the server-side.
  3. Only lightweight modules are been added while building architecture in case only addition in a module can be added later.
  4. It is asynchronous in nature so it performs faster than other applications.
  5. It has a cross-platform framework that can run on Windows, MAC, etc.

Basics of Node JS

Node JS technology includes the following primitive types,

  •         String
  •         Number
  •         Boolean
  •         Null
  •         RegExp
  •         Undefined

These are the basics of Node JS by using this the entire architecture of Node JS will be designed.

Modules of Node JS

Modules in the Node JS can be designed in single or complex functionality and used in the entire module. Each module in the Node JS has its own unique context. The modules are,

  1. Core module
  2. Local module
  3. Export module

Core module – Node JS includes minimum functionality, the core module will be combined with the binary distribution and the process starts it will add it automatically.

Http, URL, query string are some of the important core modules.

Local module – these modules are created locally in the Node JS application. They will be having the information regarding their local functionality in a separate file. These modules can be reused in the application.

Export module or third party module – This module will be included in every Node JS file as default. It will be expressed in the module. A module represents the current module and exports are an object which will be export a module.

By using this module Node JS architecture will be designed.

Certification for Node JS

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