What are Ethical Hacking Tools?

Hacking Tools are scripts and computer programs which will help you to find and exploit the weakness in network, servers and web applications. Ethical Hacking helps organizations to protect their data securely. It is the best method to augment the skills of security professionals. There are lots of tools available in today’s market. Here is the list of Popular Ethical Hacking Tools:

1. NetStumbler

This tool works on Operating systems. It is capable of detecting IEEE 802, 802.11b and 902.11g networks. It also helps to prevent wardriving.

Use of NetStumbler

  • Helps to find unauthorized access points
  • Identifying Access Point network configuration
  • Signal receiving
  • Finding causes of interference

2. Nikto

Nikto is a web scanner that helps to test and scan several web servers. It also helps to identify the software is outdated or not, dangerous files and other problems. It is an open-source tool that helps to identify version-specific problems across 270 servers.

Features of Nikto:

  • Checks misconfigured files and plug-ins
  • Checks servers for outdated versions
  • Checks web servers and identifies over 7500 CGIs
  • Identifies insecure files and programs

3. Nmap (Network Mapper)

Nmap is the finest hacking tool that is used for port scanning. It helps to develop Operating Systems based on Unix or Linux. This software offers lots of features that help in probing computer networks. It also allows network administrators to break down and visualize complex networks to smaller portions. This is useful for Internet Service Provider (ISP) and network provider.

4. Kismet

Kismet tool is a packet sniffer and network detector. It can work with wireless cards ad supports for raw monitoring mode.

Features of Kismet

  • Applicable to windows at any times
  • Runs on Linux OS, backtrack or more

5. Nessus

Nessus is the world’s most well-known or popular vulnerability scanner. It is free for non-enterprise usage. This vulnerability scanner helps to find critical bugs on any system.

Nessus helps to detect the following vulnerabilities:

  • Weak passwords – common and default
  • Misconfiguration

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