Black hat SEO refers to techniques and strategies used to get higher search rankings, and breaking search engine rules. Black hat SEO focuses on only search engines and not so much a human audience. White hat SEO refers to the use of techniques and strategies that target a human audience as opposed to a search engine. White hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. Generally, white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service.

The white hat uses organic techniques and demands quality in a site in order to ensure it performs well for search. This means that numerous factors have to be taken into consideration and optimized, such as:

  • Written content
  • Images and video
  • Meta information
  • Site architecture
  • Site performance

White hat SEO aims to provide search engines with relevant information about the content on the site and present it clearly and honestly. Google, the world’s most popular search engine, uses an ever-evolving algorithm that aims to evaluate a Web page much like a human reader would. This means that Google looks for signs of unique (not copied from another site) content that is relevant to the given search term. Google uses several other measures and factors to determine whether a given site is a reputable and trusted source.

Although black hat SEO techniques can fool search engines and increase search engine page rank for the sites that use them, search engines frown on the use of these techniques. Sites that are found to be using black hat SEO may have their page ranks downgraded; their sites may even be removed from search results on a given search engine.

Grey Hat SEO is the practice of using technically legal methods to improve your site rankings, but which are ethically dubious, and could one day become a black hat. Think of it like legal highs.

  • SEO Squatting
  • Create Social media accounts for your pets.
  • Redesign your website at regular intervals
  • Add a comments box to your site pages and invite anyone to comment.
  • Link yourself higher.
  • Use those sharing buttons unashamedly
  • Set up a targeted paid directory specializing in one field
  • Use the free AdWords vouchers that you get in computer magazines.
  • Fabricate news
  • Charity links.
  • Use Negative SEO
  • Use Keyword Association Manipulation
  • Use a subscription-based service to hide non-relevant content
  • Pay another site to put the google authentication Html file on their website.
  • Spun Content
  • Write negative reviews
  • Link chaining
  • Pay for reviews
  • Free Stuff
  • Content repositioning

The great thing about going White Hat is how future-proof it is. Most black hat tactics get caught eventually, even when Google doesn’t understand exactly how they work. They can catch black hat SEO just based on results that don’t make sense, and from there, they just have to work backward.

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