In this blog, we will discuss AWS Business perspective, strategy, and outcomes. To assist you in succeeding in the goal of the strategy. The strategy focuses on identifying high-level priorities that provide consistency and direction to your subsequent decisions and actions rather than creating comprehensive action plans based on forecasts. A method of action can help you concentrate on achieving long-term objectives, make findings more accessible, and encourage teamwork.

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Goals of Business Perspective

The objective of the business viewpoint is to make sure that your cloud investments assist you in achieving your digital transformation objectives and boost your bottom line. The following figure shows eight of its capabilities. Stakeholders include the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, and CTO frequently.

AWS CAF Business perspective capabilities

Strategy management 

Utilize the cloud to hasten your commercial results. Think about how the cloud can help you achieve your long-term business objectives. To improve your technology and business operations, look for chances to pay off technical debt and use the cloud. Investigate fresh value arguments and business strategies that leverage the cloud. Think about how you might be able to expand your client base or target new markets with new or improved cloud-enabled products and services. Prioritize your strategic goals, and as technology advances and your company’s environment changes, adapt your plan over time.

Portfolio management

Prioritize cloud efforts and products in accordance with your ability to deliver, operational efficiency, and strategic aim. You may operationalize your plan and hasten the results of your business by delivering the appropriate cloud activities and products at the appropriate moment. 

Consider both immediate and long-term results, as well as low-risk (proven) and higher-risk (experimental) prospects, while balancing your cloud portfolio. Consider financial (reduced expenses and/or increased income) and non-financial (such as improved customer and staff experience) benefits when including migration, modernization, and innovation efforts. Optimize your portfolio’s business value within the parameters of your resource, budgetary, and time restrictions. Consider increasing the frequency of your planning cycles or implementing a continuous planning method to decrease time-to-value.

Innovation management

Utilize the cloud computing to create new processes, products, and experiences, as well as to enhance existing ones. Your time-to-value and innovation-related costs and risks can be decreased by using the cloud, which gives you the ability to immediately provide and decommission resources. Develop an innovation strategy that combines incremental innovation initiatives targeted at optimising your current products, processes, and experiences with disruptive innovation initiatives targeted at enabling new business models in order to fully capitalise on the potential for increased business agility that comes with cloud adoption. In accordance with your strategic aims, design systems for gathering and selecting ideas, and create a step-by-step procedure for scaling up successful innovation pilots.

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Data science 

To address challenging business issues, use experimentation, sophisticated analytics, and Machine learning. Your data monetization plan may be completed by using predictive and prescriptive analytics to enhance operational efficiency, decision-making, and the customer and employee experience.

Make that your Data Catalog has the data items necessary to support the creation, training, and testing of your machine learning models after you’ve identified possibilities for business process transformation. Improve the operational resilience and reproducibility of your machine learning workflows by utilising continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) approaches in Data science. Recognize any potential biases in your models’ predictions by understanding how they operate. Deploy appropriate models to production, then keep an eye on how they perform. Delegate low confidence forecasts for human review to reduce risk.


So far, we have described AWS Business perspective, strategy and outcomes. The necessity for ongoing digital transformation will grow increasingly urgent as technological innovation picks up speed. The AWS CAF makes use of AWS expertise and industry best practises to assist you in accelerating your business results through creative AWS deployment. Utilize the AWS CAF to analyse and enhance your cloud readiness, identify and prioritise transformation opportunities, and iteratively develop your transformation strategy.

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