Why is python so popular in Data Science?

It’s a difficult question to answer. It is difficult to choose a certain language when there are so many languages that provide the much-needed choice to conduct data science operations. But it is data that provides insight into the languages that are gaining traction in the data science arena — nothing is more compelling than data revealing findings from data science tool comparisons. R continues to be the most popular analytics/data science tool, according to a KDnuggets poll from 2016. Python Training in Chennai at FITA Academy will helps you to enhance your programming skills in python language.

Where Python Turns Out To Be The Perfect Fit

It is the greatest data science tool for the task in some specific instances. It’s perfect for data analysis tasks that need web app integration or the integration of statistical code into the production database. Python’s ability to develop algorithms is aided by its feature-rich programming environment.

It has packages that are tailored to certain data science tasks. For data analysis jobs, packages like SciPy, NumPy, and pandas give good results. While there is a need for graphics, Python’s matplotlib emerges as a good package, while scikit-learn emerges as the optimum alternative for machine learning applications. Here, in this blog we are discussing about why python for data science?

What Sets Python Apart From Other Data Science Software?

The term “Pythonic” refers to code written in a fluent and natural manner. Aside from that, it is well-known for other qualities that have sparked the data science community’s curiosity.

It is simple to learn

Python’s greatest appealing feature is that anyone interested in learning it may do so quickly and easily. Python has a lower learning curve than other data science languages, such as R, and it outperforms the competition by pushing an easy-to-understand syntax.


Python has built a lead over other languages such as R by establishing itself as a scalable language that is faster than Matlab and Stata. As evidenced by YouTube’s move to Python, Python’s scalability is dependent on the flexibility it provides in solving challenges. Python has shown to be useful in a variety of industries and for the rapid creation of a wide range of applications.

Data science libraries to choose from

The diversity of data science/data analytics libraries made available to aspirants is a major element driving Python adoption. Some well-known libraries in the data science community include Pandas, StatsModels, SciPy, NumPy, and Scikit-Learn. Python’s library has grown over time, so it doesn’t stop there. Python, which offers a powerful answer for dealing with issues of a specific type, would be well-served by what you felt was a limitation a year ago.

Python community

Python’s ecosystem is credited as one of the causes for its meteoric ascent. More and more volunteers are producing data science libraries as Python’s reach expands into the data science community. As a result, the development of Python’s most cutting-edge tools and processes has been paved. Aspirants who are looking for solutions to their coding challenges may benefit from the large and active community. Whatever information you require is only a mouse click or a Google search away. FITA Academy offers the best Python Online Course with the Placement Support.

Visualization and Graphics

Python has a wide range of visualization capabilities. Other libraries such as Seaborn, pandas charting, and ggplot have been created on top of Matplotlib’s robust base. The visualization programmes assist with data interpretation, chart generation, graphical plot construction, and web-ready interactive plot production.


Python’s inherent readability and lucidity have made it reasonably simple to use, and the large number of specialized analytical libraries available on it may be simply used when developing models in Data Science. Here, we discussed about why is python so popular and to learn more about Python Language, join Python Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy for the best training with the career guidance.

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