What Makes French A Fantastic Career Choice

French language proficiency strengthens your resume. For instance, hundreds of multinational corporations view India, which has a population of over 1.3 billion, as an appealing market.

Most of these multinational corporations are from Europe and other continents where the public spoken language is French.

Due to these, it is now more critical than ever for job searchers to acquire a foreign language, including French.

You have an advantage over others in seeking a job in most BPOs, KPOs, IT, and MNCs because of your fluency in French and English.

You will be helpful to businesses that utilise French as their primary working and communication language. You can easily find work in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, luxury goods, retail, etc.

France has the fifth-largest economy in the world, and its multinational corporations operate all over the world.

A certificate in French studies also qualifies you for employment in:

1)Civil And Diplomatic Service

Learning French will help you get a job in the public service, especially if you’ve chosen the foreign service branch.

Hence, government bodies such as External Affairs Ministry, Tourism department, Foreign National Embassy, etc., provide different work chances to people competent in French.

The Indian equivalent of the government’s secret service constantly seeks individuals with multilingual skills, much like any other intelligence agency.

With a degree in French, a language that is widely used, your chances of being

2)Foreign Embassies

After learning French, you can apply for jobs at more than 25 embassies in India. While numerous French professionals are in the embassy, they are primarily administrative.

These language-related jobs are typically well-paid. French jobs in embassies provide an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and be exposed to a diverse environment.


As more and more people acquire French as a second language, newspaper advertisement sections are regularly inundated with openings for French teachers in India or abroad.

The world has altered because of globalisation. If you have a passion for education, some teaching positions are always available, including those for online French courses.

4)Translator and interpreter

It is a sizable pond where you can find a lot of money.

Reviewing French papers, audio files, and videos and translating them into English or other languages you know would suffice to do this.

You can work as a contract translator and interpreter for businesses, educational institutions, and embassies.

The main driver is the highly lucrative remuneration offered to language learners.

5)Linguist guide

Numerous visitors come to India daily, and a considerable percentage speak French. You can choose to employ yourself and serve as a guide for these tourists.

Speaking French can help communicate with French-speaking coworkers and help foreign travellers.

Careers in the travel and tourism sector are exciting and active.


This blog will help you to know about the fantastic career choice French provides. To learn more about French, join french courses in chennai at FITA Academy. French is a unique language which has a wide range of career choices.

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