Powerful Off-page in SEO

SEO TrainingWe often use Offpage SEO techniques for effective link building purpose that could add a lot of backlinks to rank their websites. Some Off-page methods work but some fail. There are more than hundreds of Off-page Optimization techniques exist. But SEO experts use the best Off-page strategy which works, always safe and even loved by Google.

What is Off-Page SEO?

In Off-page we optimize our websites by using external website links through link building. There are various link building methods carried to rank a website so called Off-Page Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, like backlinks from another site. It also includes your promotion methods, taking into account the amount of exposure something gets on social media. Here, we are going to see some of the Offpage SEO techniques.

Q/A link Building

People often search for the answers on the internet and several webmasters use this opportunity for link building purpose. Take Quora the No 1 question and answers discussing website. Most visitors type their questions and get the answer.

Blog Commenting

To do blog commenting search on Google for the websites which allow blog commenting. You can search in Google as, in keyword, place use your search phrase. For example: To comment on digital marketing websites.

Search as:  site: .com inURL: Digital marketing “post a comment”

After hitting Enter it will show digital marketing blogs visit the blog and comment with your website URL.

Forum Posting

Forum is a great way for participating and discussing with other webmasters. In the forum you can ask various questions, write an answer for questions asked, and join on various discussions. To do link building via the forum, join relevant forums and participate in discussions, answer questions. Repeat this for 2 to 3 weeks after making your profile super active search for the question and reply the answers and place your link in it.

Profile Creation

Good profile links can improve your website ranking. It will not only act as backlink but it is most than a backlink that will increase your overall website branding. Getting profile links from popular websites will act as a good consideration for Google to judge your website and rank on top search results. So join the most popular social media websites with high DA and go to the settings and look for the website or Home Page box and add your website homepage URL.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the most popular link building method where an article is written as a guest post by another website webmaster. Where the author places his/her one of website article links inside the article in that way the link juice passes to guest post author’s website.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a way people use for bookmarking or store their favourite web pages, articles, videos, etc. Many Social Bookmarking websites links are Dofollow which allow Google to follow them and rank their websites. Social Bookmarking is an easy way to link building and can be done within minutes.

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