What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the largest cloud service providers in the cloud industry. It provides a computing platform that acts as an online portal for users to access and manage resources and services. It also offers a wide range of services that are spread across a wide range of domains.

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The cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure can be used for the below followings,

  • Microsoft Azure is used for data processing and machine learning problems for classification, regression, deep learning and clustering.
  • Networking -Microsoft Azure provides a variety of networking capabilities that can be used together or separately via a virtual network(VNet), ExpressRoute, VPN Gateway, Azure DNS, or Azure Bastion.
  • Storage – Most of the organizations use MS Azure primarily for storage in the form of file storage or your disk storage for their virtual machines. It helps most companies in saving costs on hardware storage purchase, heating, cooling, and power as well as act as back up and disaster recovery options.
  • Internet of Things – MS Azure can use the IoT hub to connect and manage millions of different devices.
  • Big Data – Microsoft Azure analysis of big data problems.
  • During any step of the application lifecycle, MS Azure will enforce DevOps practices: design, development, delivery, and operation.

Benefits of using Azure Application:-

  • Fast in selecting on-premises or off-premises deployment model for your system
  • Assists in scaling your IT resources up and down
  • Allows consuming of computing resources when needed
  • Lets you use your existing development skills to build cloud applications
  • Provides secure and flexible development options for all sized Web applications.

In conclusion, If you are looking to enter the cloud computing platform, learn Microsoft Azure Online Training to increase your knowledge of industry-relevant skills.

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