Explain the Oracle Database:

Oracle Database is Oracle Organization’s RDMS System. This program is created around the framework of the database engine. This enables users can access data items using the language SQL. Oracle is an entire scalability RDBMS architecture that used around the globe.

Explain Microsoft SQL server:

MS SQL Server is the Microsoft windows Database product. It allows the user to execute and order SQL queries. It is one of the most robust, secure, and dependable strategies to the database. This serves a broad range of business intelligence, analytics, and transaction processing software in corporate IT frameworks.

Features of Oracle database:

  • The RDMS system can easily handle large amounts of data
  • Ease of data recovery when compare to databases
  • It can be used for read-write, reporting, testing, or backups, reducing the load on the primary database
  • Uninterrupted processing for users which eliminates the need for manual recovery
  • Gives the option for scale-up and scale-out strategies
  • Provides VMWare support for test and productive SAP environments
  • If the primary database becomes unavailable, the standby database can act as a primary database
  • Allows you to change platforms at any time
  • Support for hardware- and OS-specific virtualization technologies
  • The database allows you to rerun actual production workloads, including online user and batch workloads, in test environments

Features of Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Importing and Exporting from SQL Server Management Studio
  • Provides advanced customization option for datatype mappings and delete and rename objects
  • An activity monitor feature with filtering and automatic refresh
  • Offers online support and documentation, and live product support
  • Displays error, and warning messages about the migration in a progress window
  • A single, integrated environment for SQL Server Database Engine management and authorizing
  • Resizable dialogs allow access to multiple tools when a dialog is open.
  • Management Studio, and Database Tuning Advisor
  • Support tools SQL Server Profiler, BI tools, SQL Server 

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