In these tough economic times, it makes sense to ensure that we find the best possible price for all major purchases. Just as you would research into the best savings rates available before selecting which account you would like to open, you should do your utmost to source the best deal on the products and services you use on a day-to-day basis.

Renewal of Insurance

Car insurance is one of those things that can see un-savvy consumers spend way over the odds year after year, purely because they’re unaware that there are better deals out there. The biggest mistake people tend to make when it comes to car insurance is signing up with a provider and then sticking with them year after year, assuming that they’re offering the best price with every renewal. That simply isn’t the case – once car insurance providers have you on their books they’ll play on your loyalty and charge you a higher premium in subsequent years than they would charge new customers.

The way to combat this, of course, is to shop around every year when it comes to car insurance renewal time. Yes, it’s more hassle to seek new quotes every year than to simply let your old policy auto-renew – but when you take into consideration the hundreds of pounds you could be saving by switching it becomes a bit of a no-brainer.

Luckily, it’s possible to acquire a whole host of car insurance quotes in a matter of minutes nowadays by using one of the many online comparison sites. Once you enter some basic information about you and your vehicle, these sites will provide you with a long list of insurance options, allowing you to pick out the one that suits your needs best.

Check the Website

One thing to remember, however, is that some of the big insurance providers don’t provide quotes via comparison sites, so to get the full picture you’ll need to go directly to their websites or give them a call to find out their best price.

When it comes to significant expenses such as car insurance, cash back sites. If you visit your insurance provider’s website via a cashback site link, the site in question receives a commission from the insurance company. The cashback site then passes a percentage of that payment directly back to you as the consumer as a ‘thank you’ for earning them the commission. Depending on the deal, the cash back generated by going through one of these sites can make a huge difference in the cost of your insurance.

As long as you do your research you should be able to make big savings on your premium, so head online and get the best deal you possibly can.

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