Ionic 4 represents the culmination of over two years of testing and hard work that renders Ionic a strong UI design program and a device architecture for any web developer in the world. Ionic Training in Chennai will teach you more about this technology.

Angular with Ionic

The AngularJS prototype used to automatically boot the application and run it as if it was helping the feature right in the window. We started looking at alternatives and moved through the whole early experiments with AngularJS, which was so good. 

Everyone can use Ionic

With today’s update, the Ionic Architecture is now usable in both current smartphone and desktop browsers in a range of Web components utilizing Custom Elements and Shadow DOM APIs. However, since Ionic currently addresses traditional web API rather than custom ones, developers should be assured that Ionic APIs remain secure many years from now, rather than falling prey to churn-in and churn-in implementations. Online Ionic course would teach you more about this technology.

Performs as world-class apps

Progressive software developers are all mad at the moment, and Ionic 4 has been built out the box to provide the perfect user interfaces for high-performance PWAs.

New methods for asynchronous loading and distribution were expected to meet Ionic efficiency levels established by Google. To this end, we spent one year building a cloud pipeline with Stencil to generate the components of Ionic, to ensure they are tightened up, installed lazily and supplied in smart collections composed of components that you will need.


CSS Custom Properties allow the “Public Theme API” to be released that gives a framework for developers who want to mark and modify the components of Ionic to easily update to future Ionic versions without causing compatibility issues. CSS Custom Properties may also be used to standardize Ionic applications irrespective of the frontiers used with the design.

Design system

With new threads, Ionic is prepared to shape the basis for its own programming structures and primarily create its own Ionic on the top of Ionic, based on frame-agnostic network components.

Certification in Ionic technology

People who are having an interest in learning about mobile app development can join in FITA for the Ionic course, we are having professional trainers with good experience in this technology. Students are also provided with ionic certification in FITA.

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