Features of Oracle


Oracle is accepted to more programs than every one of its opponents, operating om 100+ hardware platforms and 20 networking protocols. It makes writing an oracle app honestly security from variations of direction in hardware OS and thus a safe bet. However, is that apps utilizing some constructs may have to be redone while porting them to a block mode environment. You can too improve a fairly complete-featured application with knowledge of the underlying operating systems. I have improved apps on operating systems just knowing how to copy and edit text data.

Market Presence

Oracle is perhaps the biggest RDBMS Provider and is investing more in R&D than many of its rivals receive in overall income. Oracle has the leading independent share of the market of RDBMS in the areas of VMS, UNIX, and OS/2 Server. This business clout means, which Oracle is unlikely to leave you in the lurch and huge third-party devices are always endorsed, and the qualified staff is fairly easy to just get. 

Backup and Recovery

Oracle offers online backup and recovery support with industrial strength and professional software fault tolerance to disk failure. You can do recovery point-in-time, as well. Of course, to do that you need the database frameworks and storage space, but Oracle allows continuous digitization to multi-volume tape systems.


The speed and application of a * tuned * Oracle database are fairly good, also with massive databases. Oracle applies to databases of > 100 GB and has personal experience in maintaining 10 GB servers. The value is not just “raw” but also requires output analysis with locking and monitoring of transactions.

Cursor Support

 Oracle allows cursors like Ingres and unlike Sybase, which ease scripting when performance is required. A cursor lets you do the calculation in row by row. By ANSI requirements, Oracle allows multiple cursors per Oracle link.

SQL Dialect

In my opinion, Oracle’s provided SQL dialect is supreme to the others in the enhancements it provides over ANSI-2 that is by far the least common denominator. Buildings such as absolute feature and keyword decoding are quite powerful Oracle features to the conventional SQL.


PL / SQL, the relational variants, is a draft ANSI standard for DBMS languages in the procedure See key PL / SQL topic.

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