Embedded Systems:

Embedded systems are one of the most significant and it is also a software program, which consists of a mixture of operating systems used to execute a particular task. Based on the specification, that may or may not be customizable. Examples of embedded systems include washers, computers, automobiles, cameras, and more.


Embedded systems are also used for a wide range of applications. They have become so flexible that they are being used for almost any task, so characterizing them may seem almost impossible. If you want to learn Embedded Training in Chennai with placement and Come into FITA, which is the best platform for Embedded System Course Chennai with professional certifications. Moreover, embedded systems can be broadly divided into the following four groups based on performance and functional variables:

  1. Standalone Embedded Systems
  2. Real-time Embedded Systems
  3. Network Embedded System
  4. Mobile embedded System

Standalone Embedded Systems:

These are embedded systems when the title suggests, that they can work on their own. In many other terms, they are nature-sufficient and do not need the operation of a hosting network or device. Although inputs and other tools will be needed for production, processing and work will be performed on their own. Examples typically involve consoles for video games, players for music and microwave ovens.

Real-time Embedded Systems:

An embedded system that provides an output within a specified amount. This is considered an embedded system in real-time. Therefore, it also complies with time constraints in addition to a reasonable production. They can be further categorized into embedded soft real-time systems and embedded hard real-time systems.

Networked Embedded Systems:

Embedded systems are known as network embedded systems that are associated with a network and rely on it for service. To create the network, they may not have smaller or less complicated components. Home security systems and heat sensor systems are examples of networked embedded systems.

Mobile Embedded Systems:

Embedded systems are named mobile Embedded Systems for telecommunications, which contain mobiles, personal computers, and the like, and are generally categorized by features such as the web, texting, in addition to much more complex features seen on smartphones today.

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