When teeth go missing – for whatever reason it may be – this can have an adverse effect on the way you live your life. There are now dental implants available, a bit costly but a long-term solution, and then there are many others like dental bridges and dental crowns.

What are they?

Dental Crowns (sometimes referred to as ‘caps’), can be whole or partial artificial structures which cover a dental implant or damaged tooth. Dental Crowns are used to strengthen and improve the appearance of teeth.

What are they made of?

Given the development of modern Science and fabrication technology, Dental Crowns can now be made using a wide selection of materials. Originally Crowns were cast using a high percentage of Gold due to its expansive properties and aesthetic appearance. Today, the most common type of Dental Crown is fabricated using porcelain veneers bonded to precious metals. Pure porcelain Crowns are also available which looks like real. They are generally used for front teeth given their texture and likeness to real teeth. However, they are not suitable for rear teeth as they lack the strength of bonded Crowns.

For those that do not like the sound of having metal in their mouths, modern technology also offers ‘All-Ceramic Crowns’ which provide both the strength of bonded crowns and the aesthetics of Porcelain Crowns.

What do they cost?

The cost of Dental Crowns may vary. They will, however, be lower than dental implants but will not offer as long lasting results. The price is dependent on the material used to produce the Crown as well as the individual fees pertaining to each surgery. It is recommended that people wishing to have Dental Crowns fitted to carry out adequate research on local prices prior to booking appointments. Asking for fully detailed Dental Treatment plans will also reduce the chance of unexpected charges later on.

Miscellaneous Information

• A local anesthetic is used if required when fitting Dental Crowns to avoid any pain.
• Dental Crowns, if cared for appropriately, can last for many years.
• Dental Crowns are made to match your existing teeth, both in texture and shade.
• Treatment usually takes two weeks to craft and fit the Dental Crown.

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