There are many different ways to market your online business. One of the most popular methods of advertising is PPC advertising. Pay-per-click is exactly what the name implies. When surfers and shoppers click on your PPC ads, you pay for the click.

The reason PPC advertising is a popular method is that you only pay for the advertising when someone clicks on it. It is important to note, however, that there is a difference between a click and a conversion.

Click versus Conversion

So what is the difference between a click and a conversion? A click simply means that someone clicked on your ad and landed on your website. That’s it; that is all a click is.

A conversion, however, is a click that converts into another action by the site visitor. They actually “do” something after landing on your website. This could be a number of things, such as:

– the site visitor purchases something

– the site visitor signs up for a site membership or subscription

– the site visitor opts into your mailing list

– the site visitor uses your contact form to ask a question about a product or service

Many people think that a click is not a conversion unless something is actually sold. You should receive value for your advertising dollars, and that varies for every business, but it does not have to be solely monetary. A conversion does need to provide some value to you and your business, however, because otherwise there would be no benefit to spending the money.

PPC Advertising Providers with Conversion Tracking

Not all pay-per-click provider services offer conversion tracking capability. You do need to track pay-per-click conversions in order to determine if the money you are investing in this form of advertising is providing any return for the investment.

If it isn’t, you may need to make some modifications to your ads and work on your targeted keyword list to achieve a better PPC advertising conversion rate.

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