Christmas is fast approaching and finding a way to wrap all sorts of different Christmas gifts can be tricky, especially as you want each to be original and unique. Well, we have come up with 10 entirely individual ways to wrap presents; this means you won’t have to give the same boring-looking presents to everyone this year. We have many ideas including everything from Novelty Paper to Russian Doll Wrapping.

Ten ideas of packing gift

  1. Novelty Paper. Why ruin all the hard work into finding a present by simply wrapping it in the boring paper? This year, make a statement with some cool novelty paper: you can buy all sorts from a variety of shops; or if you really want to be different wrap your Christmas present in some Easter paper or one saying happy birthday! Or if you wanted a really cool idea, why not try wrapping it in a newspaper for a fun effect.
  2. Put it in a bag. OK, it may be boring, but here’s an idea for those of you who struggle with your wrapping. If you can’t ever seem to get the paper to look neat, just pop your present in a bag and you’ll be amazed at how easily your Christmas wrapping will be completed this year.
  3. Puzzle Wrapping. If you want to make your recipients work for their presents, invest in some puzzle wrapping paper – they have to solve the puzzle before they get to the present! A great idea for those who love puzzles, or just a fun way to wind up your younger sister this Christmas!
  4. Why not create a hamper? Simply place your gifts in a basket. Not only is it quick and simple but it is also unbelievably thoughtful. Make sure you earn some extra brownie points this year with a great gift.
  5. Decorate the top of your wrapping paper with something a little more interesting than a bow. Simply buy a whole pack of cheap baubles from your local supermarket and add one to each of your presents for a fun and festive twist.
  6. Tinsel is the best idea to present the gift. Add a little bit of tinsel to the top of your gift and it will make it look as if you have created the best wrapped present in the whole town!
  7. Trick them with a different box. If you want a laugh this Christmas why not simply place your present in a different box? They’ll be surprised that you have bought them a 24 pack of Walkers crisps, but they’ll be over the moon to see the real present inside! Whether it’s something snazzy like a ring, or extravagant like an Xbox.
  8. Russian Doll Wrapping. This will only work with a small present like a ring. All you have to do is simply place your present inside a slightly bigger box and wrap that than continue the process as far as you want until it looks like a really huge present and finds there are a ‘million’ layers to unwrap!
  9. Confetti and Glitter. Dazzle your recipient this year by covering your gift in a whole range of confetti and glitter and really slip into the Christmas spirit.
  10. Patchwork Wrapping Paper. This may take a bit of effort, but it will definitely be worth it. Place your gift in a box then cover the box with a whole range of different wrapping papers, to create a patchwork effect.

Play with gifts

Whatever you want to buy for your friends and family this Christmas, a few extra minutes on the wrapping will make a huge difference. So get creative this year and have some fun with your presents! So, play with the gifts and make a memorable gift which goes to a lovable person.

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