Block chain is a technology which has its application in the field of crypto currency, health, insurance and many others. By understanding the mechanisms of the power block chain you can create your own use cases for work. Block chain training in Chennai will help you out by knowing more about the technology.

Introduction to block chain

Block chain would keeps a record of all transactions which has been taken place in chronological order. There are some applications in block chain which can able to validate transaction without central authority.

Some networks in this technology are constant in participating the execution part. These will contain block which will have some data and other details related to transaction or others.

Hashing is one of the applications in cryptography which is basic for block chain. Block chain would usually keep a record of all the details such as record of each and every data, transaction. If you know the above things means then you know about the basic in block chain.

Build your own block chain

You can able to build your own block chain application using python. For creating this you should be familiar with python syntax, functions and some imported libraries.

If you are going to represent a block using python, you can create bigger dictionaries and store the data. These blocks can be represented as objects also. If you want to create a dynamic block chain then you have to use SHA – 256 which can be easily imported from python. By following these methods you can able to create your own block.

Certification in block chain

To become a block chain developer or to create your own block you have to take the course in block chain technology. FITA is one of the best training institutes which provides the good coaching for the students. Once the student completes the course they will be provided with block chain certification. Join in FITA and become a professional block chain developer.

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