Advertising on the ‘net has been reinvented over and over ever since the ‘net opened up. Before the WWW became public, all the expenses were either covered by the Federal Government (read: the taxpayers) or by universities using the networks (again, read: the taxpayers). But when the internet was opened to the public, anyone who wanted access had to pony up. Once people figured out the advertising models would provide revenue, ads started popping up everywhere. Once it started taking off, sticking with the best advertising network became a challenge.

How to create a network?

Today, developing a digital advertising network isn’t nearly as much of a challenge as it was back in the mid 90’s. This is because there are lots of ways to build out what you can offer. Here are a few quick ways to put together an ad network to bring revenue to your bottom line

  1. Make sure you’ve got a platform ready to handle the digital throughput. Even though the bandwidth to deliver the ads may be from other sources, being able to handle the connectivity will be essential.
  2. Have a security setup ready to be transparent enough to allow for data collection and usage. Between cookies and IP data, this enables you to target ads to users.
  3. Work with ad providers and data agencies to help put together the customer with the ads that work best for their groups.
  4. Use a mix of interest-driven ads and local advertising. This enables you to get the benefits from both worlds. National advertisers can run ads and local advertising can be mixed in.
  5. Make sure your sites can handle streaming video as well as Flash and Shockwave ads. Different providers use different technologies, so being able to handle whatever comes down the pipe will be up to your advantage.

There are lots of ways to build out your marketing network. Sitting down, strategizing out the best ways to implement marketing strategies so your site can deliver the ads customers want to see, with targeted local ads and interest-driven national ads will give advertisers a better return on their investment and will give you a more robust bottom line. Take a look at the different providers available and see how well your existing setup will handle their ad structure. This gives you what you need in terms of upgrades if necessary.

The payments from advertisements

Ad providers are willing to work with the content providers to give them the information they need in terms of code and settings so their ads will run the best. Not only that, but they’ll give the settings and info they’re looking for so you can give them the targeting information they need. Take the time to do it right. The payoff will be big for your bottom line.

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